Why Blogging Is No Longer An Option

There are MANY reasons to have a blog and let that blog be your main platform. 

Here are five of the best, along with a word from Neil Patel. 

4 thoughts on “Why Blogging Is No Longer An Option”

  1. How does one stand out from the 85 quadrillion other blogs out there? That is the question. Otherwise it is just a waste of time, or a hobby. But certainly not a money maker.

    1. Kris,

      I understand your question but disagree with your statement. First, you are not competing with ALL other blogs. At worst you would be “competing” with blogs talking about exactly what you are talking about.

      The answer is to know your audience, know where they are hanging out online, and offer them something of value on your blog.


  2. Thanks Charlie for sharing this information.
    I believe a blog is needed since it helps to do a lot things like:
    1.Offering value upfront,
    2. Making money from people who believe in what you share,
    3.Creating a long-term business.

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