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Why Content Sells More

When I was a kid we used to feed wild deer cigarettes.

Today we would be sued by some self-appointed “protector of the deer”. Back then, we were kids having fun.

What was the MOST fun was to actually get a deer to come to you, from the woods, and trust you enough to take the cigarette from your hand. 

We would always try to pet them but that never happened for one good reason …

Deer are skittish!

And that brings us to the topic of today’s video, selling more with content marketing.

You see, today’s buyer is skittish. And for good reasons.

  • You rarely meet the people you do business with.
  • There are ripoff artists galore online.
  • The word hype seems to have been invented for today’s product launch of the second. 

And yet most affiliates and product owners expect a person to go from not knowing them AT ALL to spending money with them on the first visit. 

Not … going … to … happen.

Those days are gone. Today, you have to let people get to know you so they can like you and like you so they can trust you.

Marketers call this “warming up cold traffic”

And the best way – the VERY best way – is revealed in today’s video.

I hope you enjoy it.


Prefer to read? The enhanced transcript is below for your convenience.

Hi, this is Charlie Page, and I want to share with you today why content sells more.

Is it possible to give away high quality content and make more sales than if you just go for the sale immediately?

Absolutely yes. It’s been proven time and time again.

For example …

A product launch is a free content strategy.

What is a product launch? It’s three of our videos that explain the product and then they open the cart, they want you to buy it, then they close the cart, right?

Product launches have done a million dollars a day. It’s not uncommon for product launches to do many millions of dollars from sales in the 10 or 15 day period. That’s content marketing.

Some people call it a content forward strategy, which is a fancy thing, right? I just call it content marketing because it’s producing content for the purpose of marketing.

A newsletter is a free content strategy.

Major companies use it, as well as mom and pops, and as well as one person operations, which we now call solopreneurs. I love that. We make up a word for everything now. It’s a lot of fun.

So why does content sell more today than hardcore go for the throat selling?

I believe there are three important reasons.

Number one: the golden rule.

It’s kind of old-fashioned. “Do unto others as you would have them to unto you.” It’s pretty good thing. Look at it this way. When you have a problem, wouldn’t it be great if someone could help you solve that problem for free? That’s content marketing.

They didn’t even require you to sign up for anything or pay money or do anything other than read or watch their content?

That is exactly what content marketing does. It helps people solve problems with free content. Sometimes that’s video; sometimes it’s a webinar; sometimes it’s an article. It’s tremendous.

This is great and it’s the essence of content marketing.

Some people call it reciprocity, and that’s right, because people have a natural instinct to return a favor. I mean you love the person who helped your teenager fix a flat on the side of the road. You want to call that person up and buy them dinner, because they did a good thing for you through your child.

Number two: informed people make great customers.

When selling things online today, it’s very common for people to buy without really knowing what they’re going to get. They just take a chance. This is one reason people are often dissatisfied with their purchases. I mean, have you noticed that: negative reviews, and a lot of people are saying, “No, that’s not what I really wanted” or “This is a piece of junk”?

One reason for that is that the sales process is so truncated now because people send strangers to a sales letter and try to pressure them. That doesn’t make for great customers.

But what if your customer knew in advance what your product can do for them and how it worked and why it worked and how to get started? Content marketing can do that.

The way I like to do that is with a mini course. I have an entire site called Mini Course Profit Machine just about this, a series of short videos that tells a customer exactly what to expect before they buy. It works like crazy. 

Reason three: Other people will drive traffic for you. Free.

I know, it’s a little hard to believe. You hear that a lot. Free traffic, it’s great. This is how free traffic works. It really, really works. You can do it, too.

This is not for gurus. This are not for people who’ve been online a thousand years.

This is for everyone who does the right thing.

Here’s the way the internet works: if you do the right stuff, you get the right result. It just takes consistency.

Here’s why it works: people need content, but they don’t want to create it, because they don’t have the time, they don’t know, they just don’t want to.

You do create content and so they borrow your content and link to you. Bingo. Free traffic. That brings free traffic to your site.

Some content marketers that I know get tens of thousands of visitors a month using this very method.

Does it take work? Sure. You bet. But you’re working right now, and if you’re not doing content marketing this way, you may be doing what I call one and done marketing, where you make a huge effort and there’s a one-time shop and then nothing else happens.

Content marketing is durable because that content stays out there and stays out there.

Frankly, you can repost your content over and over and over again.

I have an entire video about how to double your blog traffic with content marketing. You should go take a look because it’s really simple and it works. It’s hard to sustain one and done marketing.

So here’s my advice: create the best content you can and share it everywhere.

What do you share about?

You share about the solutions of the product you’re promoting. Remember, this is content marketing. This is not content giving away for free. This is content marketing. So what you do is you write or record content about the solutions of your product.

If your product helps people save time, create content about how many different ways there are to save time and then highlight your product.

You notice a few minutes ago I mentioned Mini Course Profit Machine? That’s a course that I sell and I mentioned it because I believe it will help you, but I also mentioned it because I hope if you get the free mini course and like it, maybe you’ll consider buying the course.

I’m not trying to hard pressure you; I’m sharing content that’s helpful and my hope is that you will that like the content and buy something.

No matter what your product is, this can work wonderfully well and it’s free to do.

Content does sell more and sites like Facebook reward content marketers. As a matter of fact, Facebook not long ago came out with the statement that said, “We prefer that advertising is driven through content,” because they want their people helped by the content that people put out.

So, get started today and see how well it works, because it really does work well. If you need help, I will be happy to help you. Just leave a comment on this video and do share this video right now while it’s on your mind. I would appreciate that.

Thank you for watching. This is Charlie Page. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Charlie Page

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