Why Do Great Ideas Fail To Make Money?

Does this sound familiar?

You have a great idea – one that you think will really succeed and help you achieve your goals.

  • You tell your spouse or friend about your great idea.
  • You make some notes about your great idea.
  • You even check out what it will take to do the idea.

But then life gets in the way, and soon your great idea is just another set of notes, a fading memory that becomes harder to recall… until…

You see someone else doing your great idea!

And sure enough – they are succeeding with YOUR idea!

If that sounds familiar, take hope. Almost every successful business person has had that experience.

If you have ever had a great idea, only to see someone else reap the rewards, there is both good news and a challenge for you today.

The good news is that you had the idea. And you can rest easy knowing that you will have another.

The challenge is that you’ll need to change a few things to stop the situation above from happening again.

But take heart, the changes are not overwhelming.

So… why do some great ideas fail to make money?


We have probably all been guilty of thinking about A simple guide to personal loans because of our situation to death, and then never acted on those thoughts.

I know I have, and it’s cost me dearly.

One way to avoid this situation is to make a list of what needs to happen for your great idea to become a reality. Make the list quickly, simply writing down what comes to mind.

Then, without any further refinement of the list, take action on the most important item.

For people who want to sell things online, but are not succeeding with that now, the first thing might be learning how to create a web page, or registering the domain name, or learning how to advertise effectively.

No matter what the item is, do what you can on it now, then do something every day. You will soon be farther ahead than you imagined possible.


Here is a myth that needs busting.

I know you have heard how easy it is to succeed online.

I know you have heard that making money on the Internet is like “falling off a log”.

But that’s not true, and it’s time that someone stood up and told the truth. The fact is, if you want an online business you are going to have to do most of the work yourself.

AT LEAST IN THE BEGINNING, you will need to know how to create web pages, upload them to a web server, write some sort of copy, place ads and more.

I know the gurus keep telling you that you can succeed online by being a “broker” or building a big affiliate army, or using joint ventures – and that doing these things means you will work little but profit big.

But they are not telling the whole truth. They are telling you what can work after you have established yourself online, not what will happen if you are a beginner.

NOTE: I’m sorry if that sounds negative, but I think more people have been hurt by the “it’s so easy” lie than almost any other.


Vince Lombardi was right. In any endeavor of life, mastering the basics will take you further than trying to be on the ‘cutting edge’.

Ignoring the basics online means running a site that does not have an email follow up system.

It means limiting yourself to one or two advertising methods, without trying the others even once.

It means selling only one product, and not offering customers a chance to buy more from you.

And all of those factors mean either failure or a stunning lack of results compared to what could, and what should, happen.

Here’s a fact that I’ve seen proven time and again. A simple site that offers a good product, uses email to follow up, has a simple Clickbank affiliate program, and consistently advertises will outperform a site that is expensively built, uses video and audio, and has a super-long fancy sales letter.

Simple sites that do the basics well sell more than super-portals that have thousands of pages, period.


We’ve all heard stories about the gold miner who stopped five feet short of a major vein, only to sell his mine for pennies, when only a little more effort would have yielded millions.

And those stories have a measure of truth.

If you have a great idea, one you really believe in, then nothing should stop you from achieving your goal.

REMEMBER THIS: There was a time in the history of every great idea when things were not going well. But persistence, mingled with common sense, caused the great idea to become a great reality.

In the beginning days of the space program, there were far more failures than successes. But persistence put Neil Armstrong on the moon.

Persistence can do amazing things. Is your great idea WORTHY of persistence?


Ah, perfectionism. The killer of so many great ideas.

I’ll bet we have all fallen victim to the same thought process… I’ll wait until it’s just right to unveil my great idea.

Here’s my advice —- don’t wait.

  • Don’t wait a day.
  • Don’t wait an hour.
  • Don’t wait a moment.

I had a client once who wanted to create a powerful follow up system using an autoresponder.

But he waited until the message sounded just right.

Then he waited while he evaluated autoresponder companies.

Then he debated plain text vs. HTML email formats.

Then he considered how far apart the messages should be.

Know what happened?

He’s out of business today, convinced that the Internet is not for real, and that it’s all a scam.

All that time THINKING convinced him he was trying to DO something. And that convinced him that the Net was not for real.

What a shame.

The truth is this – if he had sent four messages to every visitor to his site who asked for more information, and those message said nothing more than “I want your business, please visit my site again” he would have made sales.

I guarantee he would have made more sales with “bad” messages than no messages.

As you consider your business, and the great ideas you have had, let me encourage you to take action now.

Not today, but right now.

Take the next five minutes and make some notes, write a message, send an email, talk your idea over … do something that moves you forward.

Then do the same thing tomorrow and the next day and every day.

If you do that, you will make time your ally, and success will not be far behind!

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

Katheryn Hoban

You know Charlie, Today I DISAGREE WITH YOU! For me, I have had many great ideas. I have self-published a book, I have created CD’s, I have designed a few products, I have done affiliate marketing, I have set up joint ventures, I have used article marketing, I made the capture page, I set up the auto responders, I did all the work. Having done everything I could to make that big idea MAKE much money. It didn’t. About $100 after at least 3-4 years of hard work, 150 articles. 300- subscribers, and they don’t stay on my list.

If you don’t mind me stating the title of your article in this way:
“Why does the Big Idea that you put so much work into and actually PUT it out there, and did everything you were supposed to, Why doesn’t it make any money?” If you could address that aspect of it, I think it would complete your article.

Thanks again. Katheryn

    Jeremy Mentz


    How frustrating! I’ve been there… Doing everything that all the gurus say… If you haven’t given up all hope yet, I’d love chat. No cost. No strings. Nothing for sale. Sometimes a second set of eyes can see something that we’ve missed in the focus from our efforts. And that goes for anyone else frustrated by no sense of forward progress. Send me and email at jeremy@jeremymentz.com

    Charlie – where you at buddy?

Larry Acker

Charlie, “the click here” link below does not work.


Thanks for this article Charlie, what you said is spot on and gives me inspiration to get on with it!


The story of my life – still enjoyed it.Thanks

Tara Clark

Hi Charlie,
You are absolutely right that perfectionism is the killer of many great ideas.You should start right where you stand and stop making up execuses.Everyday leaving for tomorrow makes you loose other important opportunities as internet world and business rules changing day by day very quickly you cant catch up with rules what you learned 2-3 years ago as internet technology advances at amazig speed.


August 31,2011 at 6:20 PM

This is a glaring fact that occur more often than not,
procrastination-the dare devil and greatest enemy of
I will, I will definitely make use of the idea.

Thank You.

Phil Taylor

Great motivation for me. I can see that I’m both a procrastinator AND perfectionist. The result: I do nothing, even though I have great ideas and advanced skills. This post was a wake-up call for me. I’m going to go for it, even if I fail. Thanx!

Achmad Karno Widjaya

Hello Charlie,
Yes this post is really hit me! I am still just floating around, because tons of email come into my inbox. I have to ignore them from now on!
Thank you.

Andy Pitt

Great words Charlie and so true. Something is better than nothing.

Effie L. Young

Hi Charlie

Thanks for reminding me to stop procrastinating on doing the important stuff and wasting time on the “not so important stuff”. I seem to waste a lot of time putting together some sort of system that will make things easier instead of just doing it and enhancing it later.

Frank Demming

Amazing content Charlie…Thanks for you honesty and integrity. It’s so true, without experiencing it yourself it will be difficult to succeed online.

Steve sant

Hi Charlie

Great post 🙂 like always

You hit the nail when you said that perfectionism is the killer of many great ideas. I used to suffer from this big time and would always wanted to have all the dots connected from the beginning till the end until I would started doing something. And eventually would do end up with nothing as more doubts will mushroom up.

As you said well one needs to take action and grow that habit of TAKING ACTION in order to succeed in anything. It would make no sense for anyone who wants to succeed online to spend most of the time arguing and debating in online forums posing that he knows everything when in comes to IM but in reality is parroting out what he has read on the forum or somewhere else without even trying to implement what he has learnt.

Karin Raie

Thanks, Charlie.
It is very good reminder for all what I’ll do online. 🙂
It is simply explained and easy to understand what should be the main point in our thinking.
Focus in one thing at a time!:)

Sharon Hartmann

Hi Charlie,
I really respect your posts and honesty. I have put out a big investment and still don’t know what to sell. I guess you could say I put the cart before the horse. Maybe in panic mode or someone telling me what I want to hear. I just don’t know where to start. I have a couple of ideas. I started writing a blog a couple times a week on my “life experiences” and am trying to get that motive to help me move forward. Why do I have this block? Fear? How do I unblock? Only I can figure that out. In the meantime, I will keep reading and following your advice because it’s been the best so far and I thank you for that. Have a wonderful week.

Sybil Audiard

Thanks again, Charlie ! So true !!! I agree with just everything !

important for me:
– bacics, basics! learn learn und understand – and Action !

and it’s true: even if somebody is steeling your idea – if you believe in it, do it ! Because it’s your idea, it will be different – and even there is only a slight difference, this slight difference can be the big breakthrough !!

Thank you so much, Charlie – you’re always encouraging me!


Hi Charlie,

I’ve taken so many courses to learn and have not had the time to be doing what I learned, it can then become overwhelming. I need to be focused and I do have an Aweber Account with not too many subscribers as of now. I agree I need to write more e-mails. These e-mails can they be of another topic other than the project the clients have signed up to? I sometimes find it hard to toot my own horn.

Thanks for all of your videos and Articles it makes me stop and read or listen.

Boiobess Daro

Hi Charlie,

You sure are right. I keep reading and learning but not taking that action to start me off. I really need to stay focused. This is of great help. Great stuff, and talk soon, BoioBess


U r so right- let me add that for those who are not as computer swavvy when u ask fir advice or input the next thing u know is the person has taken your idea changed the name and never responded. Maybe sometime you could write about that topic also.

Scott Love


The amazing thing about these posts of yours is the timing. It seems like nearly every time I need to hear good advice, your post appears.

Please keep it up. You are making my life online easier.


Mary Elliot

Right as usual, Charlie, procrastination and fear of failure can be killers as far as building your business is concerned. You just have somehow break out of that mindset, and get something online. Even if it’s not perfect it’ll be better than having nothing online, and you’ll get better with practice!



Carol Straw

Your message spoke straight to my heart. I spend to much time learning and not enough time doing.

Thank you, Charlie I enjoy your information.



that was really well said! So many today promise you the world but no one says, you’ve been in it three years and you won’t make any money, the learning curve is steep, and you have to post 100 videos, and write more than 100 article or 1000 to see effective streams of traffic that builds your list, and so many years later, you may still have the same 20 or same 300 on your list without any sales at all.

thanks for always being honest, and offer so much free information, I really respect that generosity. Kat.

David Haynes

Charlie your article really rings a bell for me. Although green at this, highly technical internet Marketing, I will persist until I achieve my goal.


You are the greatest, I love reading your emails, they are always enlightening.
I am going to take action on my great idea today.

Floy Gregg

Richard Meserve

Solid advice Charlie…as always. I just wish I had met you years ago! I would have saved a ton of money and countless unproductive hours of doing what the “Guru’s” told me to.


Joan Hughes

Thanks for another great article, Charlie.

Regarding #4. Stopping too soon. “REMEMBER THIS: There was a time in the history of every great idea when things were not going well. ”

I read that Walt Disney was forced into bankruptcy in Oct 1923, with Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and came out the other side with Mickey Mouse.



Amen Charlie! The best ideas in the world are completely worthless unless some action is taken to make them work. Stated another way, good ideas don’t work – people do! Thanks for reminding me, now I’m back to work…


Sorry to say that you decribed me to a “t’. Great job. I will use this for motivation daily to “just do it”. Thanks, Chuck Johns

Peter Lessard

Hi Charlie,

This is so completely true! I had to do everything myself for some time before starting to outsource bit by bit. The whole get rich without working stuff really gives internet money making a bad name. I am going to put this in a twitter link (my userid is peterlessard).

I am looking forward to exploring the world of ezines with you as my guide soon. You deliver great value.


Peter Lessard

Geoff Zimpfer


Good info – spot on.

Thanks for bringing us back to the fundamentals and sweat equity, where success truly begins, behind the scenes with little glory.

Keep on!


John Samarin

Charlie, this is one of the best blog posts I have read in a long time. I’ve got a project that this post is speaking to that I need to move forward and implement… it’s a big project but it’s currently stuck at the moment but has BIG potential because I’ve had many people contact me directly saying they want to give me money for the value it would provide.

Thanks for the open and authentic post!


Mary Kellner Coon (makingmagic)


I have to agree with you on this. I finally bit the bullet and stopped procrastinating.

I have to admit it was due to necessity that I was forced to take the plunge, but “Stop!!! The Truth Behind The Marketing Machine” has now been published. I postponed trying to finish it because I didn’t know how to market it, unsure of building a good website and so many more “EXCUSES”. Finally, in pure desperation, I put together a quick temporary website until I can finish the blog which will be home for the entire series of book. “Stop!!! The Truth Behind The Marketing Machine” is the first in the series and is written by a beginner in terms targeted to the beginner and the person who has stopped dreaming due to fear of failure or outside pressures.

I have been there and after 2 years of research have learned that listening to the hype, half-truths and bold faced lies can petrify a person into inaction which will lead down the road to “Nowheresville”. Enough is Enough and it is time that the normal person realizes that it is their own fear and listening to the wrong things that is stopping them from building a business either online or in reality.

The series will guide them through building an online business and help with marketing and more. The blog is in progress and the special price on the http://urlmule.com/?2357 site will increase with the translations of the book to Spanish, French and German as the world’s struggling citizens do not speak only English. I am placing a translator on the blog site so all will be able to read and learn. The blog can be found at http://heartfeltglobal.info. Please keep checking back as it is changing and growing rapidly.

The book gives insight into my reasons for finally speaking out, encouragement to others and help in many forms throughout with different links at the end of each book that will prove helpful to the online business owner and the “brick and mortar” business owner can find useful information as well.

Thank you for helping to spread the truth as well,

Mary Kellner Coon (makingmagic)

Nancy Merry

Thank you so much for that wonderful and inspiring article. I try to do things right but I have been in internet marketing for 1 year and only made $15. Want to know how much I have lost? We won’t go there but many of my losses were over the easy to do ones. Now I have contacts and friends inside my Direct Matches dite4 and some more in my sta.rtup.biz site so am now beginning to take off. I also am now a member of a terrific Mastermind group and now will be unstoppable. No thanks to the ones that promised easy money!!!! Again thanks for your encouragement and that great article.

Fred Farah

Charlie, I like the way you lay out the main points we must pay attention to.
And I agree with them all. I know from experience how hard it is to focus on the main points. I too often float around and not finish things.

Thanks for reminding me to stick with the rules of logic.

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