Words Have Power!

It never fails to strike me how impactful a simple word choice can be in a person’s life.

As humans, we use words all day every day in a variety of ways – to write an email, chat with a friend, or just to think about the things happening in our lives.

It’s easy to lose track of just how powerful all those words we use – especially the ones we think and say to ourselves – really are.

I’m reminded of the true story of a young boy who was told at school that he just wasn’t smart.

Teachers, who should have known better, told him he was a slow, stupid kid who’d probably never amount to much or even finish school. And, he didn’t.

Sadly, he believed the lie. He believed he was slow, a “dummy” as they called him.

When he looked in the mirror he saw a dummy, with little hope of success.

He never graduated, and worked for years as a janitor in the same buildings where he once attended school.

This is not to say that there’s anything wrong with being a janitor – but he wasn’t very happy in his life.

Years later, through a series of remarkable events, the now-grown boy learned that he had a genius IQ! Far from a dumb kid, he actually possessed a brilliant mind that had never been acknowledged.

After believing yourself to be slow for so many years, can you imagine the shock of such a discovery?

The trajectory of his life was forever changed!

Where he had believed himself to be slow or dim-witted he now believed himself a genius.

Now when he looked in the mirror he saw a genius!

He went on to get multiple college degrees and even became the leader of Mensa!

All because of the words he used to define himself. All because of what he believed about himself, what he said about himself.

What words do you use to describe yourself?

What words could you add to your inner dialogue (and what comes out of your mouth about yourself)  that would make your days brighter and better?

As that young boy could tell you, the change is more than worth it.

I recently came across an old poem that expresses this concept so well.

Below is a shareable image that my team made for you this week using this classic poem as a little piece of inspiration – please feel free to download it, print it, put it on your Facebook wall or Instagram, or share it however you’d like.

It’s a thought we could all benefit from seeing on a regular basis!

Wishing you well this beautiful day and always,

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Mark Mansfield Reply

Hey Charlie, thank you for the lovely poem and the straight information.
I’ve posted the graphic from above on my FB page.
Mark M

moneymike deluca Reply

This is so true. It’s truly what you you take and interpret any information you receive …To accept it?

Or reject it.

KEEP Oonly those things that praise you. ..

And fix or reject those things that don’t!

Daniel R. Murphy Reply


Excellent advice on the use of language. Thanks so much for posting.


Ioane Fetu Reply

Very interesting and insightful. Thanks for sharing.

aida suarez Reply

CHARLIE, meaningful poetry! And the blog today is a challenge! Thanks!
Now read my poetry…

The Mensa Test Probabilities

I’ll probably never have the chance
To take the Mensa test. But, if I do…
I will probably got a big surprise!
Yes, probably I will score high!
And three probabilities is enough!
But…you know what? I’ll tell ‘ya!
We have to have guts… to do it! Just..
Because no one would like to know
How the real truth is about us.

Are we stupid? Are we smart? Perhaps wise?
I know I am slow… but quick to judge! Oh!
Probably we all are like that! Because…
The thinking is fast as a bullet. Know that?
What we really believe is what we are.Right?
I do not need the Mensa to tell me. But… out
Of curiosity I would love to know the results.
What shall I do? Where shall I go then to take it?
Google know everything! I better ask them.

One thing I know for sure… Mensa test…
Is not perfect. Nothing is under he Sun. But…
Out of curiosity I’ll go for it! If I score low…
It will be fine. If I sore high! I’ll celebrate by
Myself. Will I do quietly? Only God knows.
But the one thing I know is… that out of pride
I do not want is that the whole world know. I
Already know that I am not a yahoo. Oh no!
How is that now for sincerity?

I have taken many tests in my life… But the
Mensa test should be the hardest to take!
And the more intelligent and honest– probably.
Let all ambitious people go for it. How about you?
Be courageous and take the challenge… smarty!

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