YOU are not the problem!

Have you ever found yourself discouraged about making money online?

Wondering if maybe – just maybe – this Internet thing can work for others but it won’t work for you?

If you have felt that way before the good news is that you are not alone.

Far too many today have wasted far too much of their time and treasure on “business opportunities” that promise the moon but only deliver disappointment.

You know the drill.

  • Promises not met
  • “Lessons” that should inform only make for more confusion
  • Support promised that never happens after you buy

We’ve all been there. I have and I’ll wager you have too.

If so I have a very important message for you today.


I mean it. YOU are not the problem.

The problem, and the reason so many fail online, is the over-hyped promises that websites make to separate you from your money.

These claims are outrageous and should be stopped. You’ve heard it before, haven’t you?

  • “Earn $520 a day even if you have no experience!”
  • “This system works best if you are lazy and only want to work an hour a day!”
  • “We guarantee hits to your website!”
  • "Force Google to send you traffic!"
  • “Reach 780,000 with your email blast for only $5!”

I think somewhere P.T. Barnum is having a party.

He coined the phrase “there’s a sucker born every minute” and nowhere does that ring truer than the good old Internet.

But there is hope!

There is good news, very good news. 

You can go from hype to hope today! 

You can go from hype to hope today! 

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I know you can do this!

Why do I say, “I know you can do this”?

Because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped others do it too.

From young to old, from healthy to ill, from doing well financially to struggling to make ends meet, real people are getting real help from a few dedicated souls online.

Before I begin sharing how you can help yourself beginning today I want to repeat something important I said earlier.


I really and truly want you to say this out loud right now. “I am NOT the problem!”

Say it now and say it ten times a day if you need to. But find a way to get it into your heart and head … YOU are not the problem.

  • YOU are not the reason why it’s so hard to get started online.
  • YOU are not the reason why working online is confusing.
  • YOU are not the reason why an estimated 99% of all people fail online.

There are things you can do to turn your situation around.

Since I’m not talking with you one-on-one, and since peoples’ situations are unique, I can’t give you a personal action plan in this article.

But I can give you guidelines based on over 4000 one-on-one conversations with DOE members who have struggled too.

So here are my guidelines. This is what I would do today – and what I did years ago – to turn a seemingly hopeless situation around.


No matter how you go about it, you need to keep your chin up.

I am NOT saying that just thinking happy thoughts will turn you around. That would be silly.

But I AM saying that you won’t dig out if you are thinking negative.

When I need a lift I read.

Right now I am re-reading See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar, and loving the reminder that goals work and that right thinking really is the foundation of success.

I love what Zig said about positive thinking. Someone once told him that positive thinking didn't last. 

"Neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it every day!"

Positive thinking is like bathing. It's best done every day to avoid stinking thinking.

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Gotta love that.

No matter how you do it, start thinking more positively today.


Now it’s time to do some real work.

You need to make a list of what you have bought and consider if you have really tried using what you bought to the best of your ability.

Am I saying now that YOU are the problem?

That you didn’t try hard enough?

NO – not at all.

What I am saying is that there are certain tools, like an autoresponder, that can work wonderfully well if you know how to use them but can also be a complete waste of time if you don’t know how they work.

It’s not the tool – it is knowing how to use it that matters.

Give me a hammer and nail and you can count on a trip to the emergency room soon after! 

Give my friend Mark a hammer and nail and he will build you a house!

Same tools – different results.

The chances are that you have the tools you need right now to succeed online but don’t know how to use them.

Making a list of what you do have is a good first step.

I am not saying to make a list of every eBook you ever downloaded. That would take forever.

I am saying however that you should make a list of everything you have purchased that cost $100 or more.

You might be able to go back and turn that purchase into profit.

What should you look for? 

It will be important for you to know if you have these things because they are the real building blocks of success online.

  • A web hosting account
  • Your own blog (working or not)
  • An autoresponder
  • Products with resale rights
  • Memberships to sites that help you promote
  • Memberships to sites that help you learn

Making your list is a good starting point for a turnaround.


This one is so important, especially if you are confused or don’t have a rock-solid plan of action.

It might be hard, but you really need to find a person you can trust and who will help you individually.

I know that can be a challenge online.

Here is how I would find my mentor if I were starting over today.

  1. I would look at what a person does less than what they say they have done. People who need to brag about their huge Clickbank screenshots would not be on my personal list.  I would look for a bit more humility than that.
  2. I would buy their product and experience what they offer first-hand.
  3. I would clearly communicate to them that I need guidance but am not holding them responsible for my success. Mentors don’t like that.
  4. I would listen to that person and follow their advice and give what they say a real try, a sincere effort.

This is what I did online. I was blessed to have a few people who helped me along the way, and I will forever be indebted to them.

I think if you find a person who will work with you, and you trust them, you will find that feeling of desperation that nags you will begin to go away.


Here is the good and bad news all in one chunk.

You are going to have to learn things you don’t know now but you will only have to learn them once if you have a good plan in place.

Nothing in our offline lives prepares us for things like

  • Autoresponders
  • Funnels
  • Solo ads
  • Forced matrixes
  • Back offices
  • API
  • Weird terms like “pay per click”

There is no pay per click offline.

One of the first things to do is learn the lingo of the Internet.

If terms like ROI or CPM or autoresponder or ad tracker trip you up then making progress will be hard.

By the way, the first thing I would ask a mentor is what he or she thought I needed to know to take the first step.


The Internet is an ever-evolving medium that offers new and exciting possibilities. That’s good and bad at the same time.

It’s great if you are in a position to take advantage of it; not so great if you are struggling.

Nothing is sadder than watching someone spend their hard earned money, money they can’t afford to risk, on some “new” method that is not yet proven.

I speak with members every week who are not even trying the things that are proven to work (like pay per click or ezine advertising) because they “heard” it was too expensive.

Be honest with yourself about this.

Are there marketing methods you have not tried because you heard they were too expensive or didn’t work?

If you answered yes, you might have believed a lie.

That’s okay; we can fix that.

As with all things, the truth will set you free.

The truth about pay per click, to use just one example, is that it’s super affordable.

But it takes some learning to get it right and it’s not free.

Cheap; but not free.

And by cheap I mean you can get good clicks in the health or business opportunity markets for about 30 cents each, or less.

How about ezine advertising?

Well, you can send an ad to an ezine with about 200,000 readers for about $50, sometimes less.

The bottom line is this – start with the things that are proven to work and then, AFTER you have had some success, experiment with today’s “new” marketing methods.


This one is essential, and easier to do than you might think. It turns out that our parents were right. 

If it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Our parents were right ... if it looks too good to be true it probably is!

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Do people go from rags to riches with Internet marketing? Sure, but not many.

Do people with no experience suddenly start making $530 a day by "cloning" someone else’s marketing and using a cookie-cutter approach?

I’ve never met one.

The bottom line here is simple.

If you want to get rich quick please stop reading this article and immediately put your Visa in the freezer or give it to someone who will keep it far away from you.

Get rich quick does not exist. 

It’s a myth invented to part you from your money. 

?This is nothing new.

The people who were scammed by Ponzi scheme artists like Madoff lost their money in large measure because they wanted something for nothing - an outrageous and immediate return that they knew in their hearts were too good to be true.

But if you want to make real money using the Internet, and are willing to learn and work, then there is very good news indeed.

If you work, learn and follow a proven path then I believe that NOTHING can stop you.


This may sound downright crazy from a guy who makes his living online, but you’ve got to be willing to work offline for a bit if necessary to get the money you need to live.

I often speak with people who are so committed to “making it” online that they are using credit cards to buy Internet marketing products and passing up the chance to make money offline in order to “give their all” to making it online.

In my view, that is a mistake.

I believe Stephen Covey was right when he wrote the words “first things first” in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

First things do need to come first.

And paying your bills, avoiding new debt and taking care of your family must be first.

It does not matter if that is done offline or online.

It matters that it gets done.

So, be willing to work for the money you need, be that at a job or as an affiliate marketer or in some other way.

One last word on this – stay open to creative solutions.

Let me give you one example. This is something I have never shared before.

Do you know how I “bought” my first ezine advertising?

I traded article writing (which I was good at) for ad space. Why? Because I didn’t have any money! But I could write so I bartered that for the ad space.

The rest, as they say, is history.

What do you have that you can barter?

Did you know that MOST top online marketers have very little time to do things like the following ...

  • Article marketing
  • Social media posting
  • Competitive research
  • Editing reports and transcripts
  • Setting up ad trackers
  • Checking links on their websites for 404 errors
  • Reading and approving blog comments 
  • Making their own web pages
  • Posting content to their blog

It’s true!

I don’t know of a single successful online marketer right now who is getting it all done easily and with time to spare.

Most online marketers I know (and I’m talking the big names and names you might not know) are busting their backsides to get the work done.

I know I am.

So how can this work for you?

You can trade your time or talent for products or work that needs to be done instead of spending cash.

Just one idea.



Your success will come faster and more surely if you…

  • Keep your attitude positive
  • Make an inventory of assets
  • Work with a mentor
  • Be committed to learning
  • Follow a proven path
  • Become hype proof
  • Be willing to trade time for money in the beginning

If you do these things and give yourself the time we all need to find success I believe you will do very well indeed.

I completely believe that your best days are in front of you and that you can prosper online no matter your age, race, income, education or location.

Keep your chin up – you are destined for great things!

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Mark Mansfield

Thanks Charlie, your post has lots of useful info eg: “You can go from hype to hope today”! “I am NOT the problem”! Find a way to get it into your heart and head today.

“Making a list of what you do have is a good first step”. YES I have lots!

Find a “MENTOR” I think the DOE is a good place to start!

If it looks too good to be true it probably is and knowing the difference!

Regards Mark M

Justin Allen Hammonds

Wow Mr. Page! Your articles are always so inspiring. I love it! Thank you for your value, and just being a down to earth kind of guy. God Bless YOU!

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Can’t thank you enough Charlie. You put all the pieces in their right perspective for me. I was becoming so overwhelmed with information I was beginning to dread turning on the computer. You’ve made me a believer again. Keep the inspiration coming.


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Hello Charlie,
I couldnt believe myself reading all these stories from the top of this page till the last. I can relate to so many of these stories. I am also a newbie, became a member on one of website saying all fast ways to make money, and my mind is so mixed up with all the studies and trying to put things on line and nothing seems to work. I am very happy to have found your site, it was also recommended to me, but because of not knowing where to start, gets me all confused.

I am not a member yet, but soon. I wanted to thank you on your wonderful thoughts and teachings and honesty about what you can do to help people. I believe I am here, this is where I was looking for, and already told myself, I will solve this mystery of making a living online and I will beat IT.. I know now I will, because I have found you…
Appreciate it,


Charlie….yes I’m the real fall guy when it came to sucking up all the hype, all the get rich jumk out in cyber-land…..Having a sales back ground one thing you must have is the abiltiy to be a consumer,,,,one can not expect to sell if one is not willing to be sold!….Me, Charlie I have over done it, big time ! I hate to admit I hade more failurs in life than I have had success’s.:{ sorry to say it is the truth} and as “I KNOW THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE” however it will bust your “hump” before it’s let’s you escape…make know mistake about it my good friend!

One day I happend to come across a book about life ABE LINCOLN….failures from 1801 to 1858…one right after another in life and his bid for political office Elected{16} President oF The United States Of America 1860……His words …..

“YOU CAN NOT FAIL …UNLESS YOU QUIT”………Yes Charlie his words inspire me every day. Even at my ripe old age {soon to be 70}…….my mottos is “A Winner Never Quits And a Quitter Never Wins”….”Honesty Is The Best Policy”….and you have refreshed my tired old mind with your honesty…I spent my cash on you know that you are a “stand up guy”…looking fwd to a bright future with all my days God allows me to walk on his good earth……To all “HOPE IS THE MOTHER OF ALL MEN AND WOMEN”…..Charlie has given me Hope!

God Bless All!



Great STUFF, Charlie.

Brent Aleshire

Hi Charlie,

Great information. I am very glad that I became a DOE member. My days are now filled with learning, doing and following a clear path. Thank you!

Kathryn Maclean

Excellent article Charlie!

Yes I have wondering if perhaps this internet thing was not for
me, though its been many years now that I have been working
on line, without success.

The problem is of course ” the over-hyped promises” that just
abound online. “I am not the problem”, so what is the problem?
How come I am not successful? Perhaps it was my not-right
attitude. Today I am much more positive. I have accomplished
a lot. A good web host, several blogs, aweber autoresponder,
membership sites to help me promote and learn -including a life
time membership to the DOE plus Follow Up Selling Systems.
The beginings of a list too.

I especially liked the end of your article. “Be willing to work offline
for a bit if necessary to get the money you need to live”. I did just
that by starting a house cleaning business when I couldnt find any
other way to feed my family. After my husband was also laid off,
he now is my partner in business. We actually make a pretty good
income with our own business offline but my heart is in my online

I work, learn and follow a proven path then with God’s help I
believe that Nothing can stop me.

Again, great article.


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Dawn Clifford

Thank You, Charlie!

I’ve mentioned several times now how I wanted to respond, but didn’t have the time. What? You are one of the very few online who doesn’t hype up their product or service, and, more important, you give your time. Instead of spending my money on more useless products, I could create a business and make time to respond, especially since you have so greatly influenced me. Dawn is changing direction, so I wrote my last article for you. 🙂


John Gaydon

Good one Charlie,
I joined the DOE as a lifetime member years ago when I was starting out. Mind you, I still ahven’t used much of the resources there. At least you strike me as an honest hard working individual who really cares about results. I know you have much respect within the industry.

What I see is that most people want a push button system to make money. In 10 years on the internet, 5 of them full time, I haven’t found one that works yet. I am putting together a series of strategies which work together. The sooner people realise that you can make it if you put an entire blueprint plan together and pay attention to each part to create “instant success”, the sooner genuine people will stop wasting their money and start getting the rewards.

Whe you read books on successful people virtually all of them have extensive scars from their learning experiences. As long as we learn along the way, we will get to the other side. I woudl like to encourage anyone who really wants to succeed to listen to people like Charlie who ahve been around a long time. What used to work still works today! (That’s a clue to what is deceptive and what isn’t).

Charles Kaluwasha

Hi Charlie,
This i s a great article that impacts on profitability. Most often we are cheated by the gurus who entice us to buy their their products, promises to help but as soon as you buy their products, they will never come back to you.
I have been a victim and lost huge sums of money.
This was because I did not have a mentor to guide me, jumped from one opportunity to the other in the hope of getting money quick… I have learned a lesson and encourage others to have a mentor
Thankfully I became a member of DOE through the Plug In Profitsite where I get advice, teaching and help. I can book time with you, one on-one which is never offered anywhere else.

Thank you for being there for me Charlie!!!


Carmelo Humphrey

Hi, Charlie
This post has hit hard once more and reminds me a similar situation when you hear your pastor at the church says something fundamental and in your heart you mumble that´s with me….Charlie my appreciation increase everyday as to what you are doing, and the commitment in your personal involvement with the DOE members is awesome…especially when nowadays it is quite common that the big Gurus like the $$$… but hate service and very easily loose their temper when customers need more help from them…the customer help centers are to a certain extent a partial solution but it is far away from being the ideal answer if the service has to match the hype and promises of the sales letters.
God bless you,
Carmelo Humphrey


Great post. I have found that going at it alone makes for a very lonely ride. Problem is I don’t know anyone that is interested in investing the time it takes to build a business. The mentor thing is great for those that are lucky enough to find the right one.
With that being said, regardless of the focus or niche of your business the key to success and continuity of your business is to have vision, and do the things you don’t want to do. Do the things that take time, but will move your business forward. It’s way too easy to not do them and frankly, that’s what separates those who succeed and those who don’t.

My 2 c


Hey Charlie,

I really appreciate your honest opinion on internet marketing. True there are so many information out there. You really cannot tell if all those information out there are all true. I’ve been doing this for on a couple of months and sometimes I really wonder, if I’m doing things the right way. Am I going to fail? Are my efforts a complete waste of time. I must admit, all the things I learned about internet marketing, comes from scratch. I know a bit about codes and building a website but still it really takes commitment and persistence and a real sense of faith if all this could work or it will just fall apart anyway.

Thanks for the article again



hi charlie, dont know where to start really but my partner and i are still not agreeing about you and your articles. as you say there are a lot of people out there just waiting to rip you off,how do you tell ,we are not trying to be millionairs overnight, but are trying to build a buisness long term, do we join or not, its not just the money its the thought of our time being wasted , trying to find someone honest and who really wants to help and knows what there talking about seems impossible,everything on the net just seems to be a scam, i know its not but telling them apart is really difficult, anyway we will soldier on , make a few mistakes along the way but we will get there

Doug Gower

Hello Charlie,
You truly are generous,altruistic, and generous. I have been a member of DOE for quite some time but never utilized it to full extent. I am like many others, having given up making money on-line. However, I told myself long ago never give up, so I am back trying again. Look forward to asking you for help soon. Thanks for being there when everyone needs you.

Best regards,

Doug G

walter daniels

You are so right about how so many programs/products are sold. As a Libertarian, I dislike Gov’t intervention, but approve the FTC actions. Let’s have more honesty, and less hype. As to “Mentors,” I don’t believe they have to be direct. I consider a number of people as “mentors,” that I have never met.
People like Paul Myers, Clayton Makepeace, Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, for example. They have been honest marketers, shared freely of useful knowledge, and taught me a lot.
That doesn’t mean that I don’t hope to actually meet them. I do, hope to someday, but until then, I sit at their feet (figuratively), and learn. 🙂

Wolf Benedict


Thanks for such a refreshing article. I, too, have noticed this egregious ploy of marketing hype and refuse to use it in any of my marketing. After over a decade of falling for electrified promise after empty promise, I finally woke up and realized that beyond the hype is hard work, dedication, consistency, and, eventually, success, but ONLY when one gets beyond the initial crackpipe of verbal marketing debris.

Thanks very much for keeping it low key, real, and useful.


samuel mowe

Hi charlie, please read this!!!!!!!!! very good article you certainly played on my emotions! my name is samuel and i live in the uk, iv’e been working online now for about 8 month’s and its my smart thinking and my strong feelings that keep me going, This is one of my BEST SAYING’S “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”
I believe in the power of the internet 100% and i will never give up. ALL the systems that am i promoting
i believe in 100% and am working “not hard but smart,” i only payed for one of them then all the rest i went straight to the affiliates page! i am also using click bank and
you said If you work, learn and follow a proven path then I believe that NOTHING can stop you.
this is what i believe, i try and keep my attitude positive, sure there are days when say to myself how do i make more money, or how do i write another article or how do i get my web site out there, but when it comes down to it i have what we call in the uk THE BRITISH BULL DOG SPIRIT AND THAT MEANS I WILL NEVER GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES OR HOW LONG IT TAKES. CHARLIE do you remember the film that john wane stared in? yes the western “TRUE GRIT” this is what i have TRUE GRIT. i know this might sound bit corny but this is what inspires me and keeps me going so i can better my new born baby son’s life, and my wife’s life, and my daughter’s life, you get the JIST.
This is what i do from day to day you can get out there pretty quick if you do it the right way with the right systems! it’s systems that work! free ads, writing Articles i am up to 70, banner ads! Domain fowarding, email campaigns, Promoting With The Public, Promoting With Friends, Promoting With Classifieds, put a lawn sign up on on a road, get your own business cards printed with your link on it, Promoting With Online Groups, EZINE solo ads, PPc ads, build up your SEO to get a higher ranking in google,plus linkbuilding, plus you can promote your Domain name without a website or a slash page! list building.
ebooks are the second best selling item on the the internet! use clickbank or click2sell. what you have to do is constantly think how can i get myself out there! 1 billion people log on to the internet every day so how can we not make any money! but charlie i need to know the right way to go about it i know i can make it and i know i can make a lot of money online. But i need your help! thank you samuel mowe from the uk. ps i will join the DOE but not yet, when am ready.

Melody Blake

Hey Charlie,
You sure hit the nail on the head with this one. I have never been sp discouraged!
I have read, I have cried and I have run my bank account into overdrive and have
even started to build about 10 websites, yet here I sit no further along than when I

Thank goodness there is someone like you, willing to put it out there for us and
point us in the right direction. Thanks Charlie, I learn a lot of things from you and
I know that with the knowledge you share with all of us, I should be on my way to
success soon!!

Thanks Again,
Melody Blake

Casey Peacock

Great Article Charlie!

You are so right on the money here because I know I have the tools, for example I’m a DOE member but still haven’t utilized my membership in any way. Is that my fault? Well partly yes! But also you have to have the sales funnel in place before going off half cocked with a bunch of crap or worse a dead end! So I continue to buy products and tools to set myself up. But I also utilize a lot of free apps as well like ).

I have started to take inventory of what I have and I have to say that 99% of my resell rights stuff is total junk. That is what I need now… are more QUALITY products that I can GIVE AWAY for FREE. So I feel like I’m left with creating my own, which I have the knowledge to do and have a project started but still need to complete. There’s so much to do… not to mention I have a full time job and a family.

OK… like it or not, I spoke my mind


Ethan Musolini

Thank you so much for your post which is full of practical and insightful wisdom. I can tell that you really do care from the core of your being. I have been on the fences so to speak but now I think am going to join DOE. Keep up the great work and may the universe repay you by a thousand fold.

Mary Elliot

Hi Charlie,

You describe me to a T – I’ve spent thousands of dollars on the next ‘best thing’ – the current one is banner advertising, which they say is simple, but if you watch the videoes, isn’t. I’m proud to say I resisted! I have an old computer on which the disc is full (and I mean full!) of unread ebooks and half used programs.

However, I am now starting to focus properly and hope to see some success soon….


Leval Ainah

Thanks charlie for this encouraging article and some pointers that i can now work on.

Harland Crosby

Website under construction!!
Very encouraging. Thanks. I’m going to FWD. it to one that needs help getting off the ground..
Do you answer questions?
Is your web sites done with Joomla?
Thanks again.
Harland Crosby



    Thank you for your comment. I do answer questions. Just use the “Ask Charlie” link at the top of every page of my blog.

    My site is done with WordPress.

    Thanks again,



I have found what you say here to be so true! Things began to take off for me once I had a mentor! And once you have a mentor it is much easier to stay focused, positive and moving forward. It is all linked together. -Norene



You hit a home run with this post.

I read every word because this hit home for me.

Thanks for your honest approach on this subject.

Debbie McNeely


That is very solid, good advice. Following that I don’t see how anyone can go wrong.

And that is a top reason why I am a DOE Lifetime member. You don’t give hype. The straightforward down-to-earth help is hard to find. I know I can count on getting the straight scoop from you.

Some of the things you mentioned I had been applying. Others I need a refresher. Plus, I learned and say things from a new perspective.



I have been amazed by the the hype-filled adverts that characterized internet marketing..
I have always been wondering if all those sweet words are really possible!!!
I have not come across facts like these since ….

I am more than happy to have come to know Charlie

I am looking forward to meeting you on one-on-one some time to come…

Thank you




Niranjan Ranade

Thanks Charlie for your informative and helpful blog post. Learning a lot from you. I wish I had joined DOE many years back…


Hello Charlie,

Really great article and inspiring. You really hit the nail with this one..


Chris Lang

Here! Here! Charlie,

It took me 8 years to find and dominate my niches and actually have something of worth and importance online and my own products. You hear nothing but the 1% that succeeds in the “This kid made 7 figures his first year stories” and usually you will see these guys were propped up by a guru. Usually a guru that needs a case study….

At the end of the day, have a professional write your sales letter, spend money on advertising (the DOE is where I am spending my money), sacrifice everything and if you have to, work a night job. I did and I made it. But NOT without real work, a commitment not to quit and buying information and books on what I needed to learn.



    You are doing a great job. I’ve been following your progress and can say that I’m impressed with what you have done. I encourage anyone who wants to accomplish more to follow you and let you help them build their network of contacts.

    Keep up the great work!



Thank you for telling the truth. There are so many products online, and most don’t perform as promised. Yes, I’ve fallen victim, however I’ve learned.

What really is the red flag for me now, is rather or not I can contact the person. I know people are busy, however if you are promoting a product there should be some way to contact you or your team.

Again thanks,
With Grace and Charm,
Walethia Aquil

    Viv Barnes

    Bartering writing appeals because I know I can write – but can I write ads? That’s one of my problems I need to work on, and will. That means reading and really analysing all those ads that I never read properly because I hate being “sold”. And perhaps submitting an early attempt or two to you for comment?
    Incidentally your hammer and nail example isn’t up to your usual standards! Same tool, different results, yes. But also same tool different people, different results. So in this example it clearly is YOU! Unless You work and learn how to use the tool which You and everybody can do given the desire. So wanting is the key.
    Regards and thanks for all your good advice and help. Viv


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