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This week (beginning June 17) is Small Business Week. Small Business Week has been celebrated for 50 years now.

If you own a website or blog, work as an affiliate, or in any other way are moving toward making money online then you are a small business.

You might not feel like a small business. You might not have an official business name, own an LLC or have any of the other trappings of a small business … but you are one.

Let me share the short stories of two small business people. One is a name you would not know, the other a “big fish” who you almost certainly know.

Both are small businesses. Both bring value to their customers and the world. Both have helped me in my own business and can be of help to you as well.

My first friend lived in a small town in Arkansas. So small that jobs were scarce and opportunity for advancement scarcer.

So he turned to the Internet.

He studied how people were making money online (this was 1997) and determined that selling information was the way to go.

But what information? He did not have deep experience or special expertise. He did not have technical skills or know how to create a webpage.

But he knew how to read, how to research and how to organize that information.

In a very real sense he was curating other people’s content, even though the term “curation” would not be applied to the Internet for a decade or more.

What this small business success began doing was writing short reports on topics he would research. Over time, he hired others to do the research while he wrote the reports.

Still progressing, and wanting more free time now that he was making money, he hired writers to create his small reports, paying them well for their work and earning a fortune for himself.

Today Jimmy Brown is free to spend time with his family, go on mission trips and basically work only when (and yes, if) he so chooses.

He has recently moved his family from Arkansas to a new location and is the associate pastor of a church, following his passion while his automated online business keeps cranking out the profits.

But notice this — he started with nothing. No special knowledge. No special skills. Nothing that would make him stand out from the crowd.

But he wanted to succeed, was willing to work hard and followed a proven path all the way to freedom.

As with all people who succeeded, he failed his way forward.

Our second story is a man who was broke and in debt at 45 years old. Around that time a dream was birthed in him to become a public speaker and travel the world helping people achieve more.

He wrote out a set of principles for life and business and began using them. He kept careful notes, refined his processes and began sharing freely what he was learning.

Seventeen years passed before he could begin to fulfill his dream of being a public speaker. It was another four years before his message began to spread.

Today you will know the name behind this story and may have guessed already. That’s because Zig Ziglar is indeed a “household” name and was the world’s foremost motivator and sales trainer.

In the course of his years he touched millions, made millions and gave meaningful employment to a staff of dozens of employees.

And it all started with a dream, a goal and belief that he could “get everything in life he wanted if he would help enough other people get what they wanted”.

No matter where you are today you can become one of these small business success stories.

To read more about Small Business Week consider these sources …

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You are indeed a small business. Even if you work alone in your home after everyone has gone to sleep (been there) you are a legitimate business. Even if you have yet to earn your first dollar online, you are a real business.

Follow your dream, choose a proven path and commit to working as hard as it takes and sooner than you might think success online can and will be yours!



Charlie Page

Happily married for 44 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 16 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

  • Bill Thomas says:

    Hi Charlie,
    I appreciate all your writings. They are always highly informative and motivating.
    Back in my offline selling days, I was fortunate to attend two of Zig’s seminars about four decades ago,. They proved to be quite inspiring. He seemed to be talking directly to me.
    I believe his presentations helped me develop a “consultative selling” attitude which I carried into industrial sales, then into financial planning, and eventually into small business consulting with an average of 14 years in each career.
    Since my “retirement” 25+ years ago, I have developed a passion for writing. I am a writer, published author, a columnist for two weekly newspapers, and have been an editor on a dozen newsletters,
    Presently, I want to set up a blog and begin writing a newsletter BUT i have many ongoing projects and personal family situations.
    I’m 87.7 and planning on going to age 104.

    • Charlie Page says:

      Hello Bill,

      Good for you! I’m looking forward to having that energy and zest at 87.7! I too love to write. I’d enjoy reading your work if you want to share links or other places I can find you.

      Thank you for your comment. Zig’s information changed my own sales career so many years ago (almost 40 years now) and I will be forever grateful.


  • Thanks so much Charlie. Your words were again very timely and encouraging. I know that I will get there and right now I’m working my way through CSBB.

    I am so pleased to have you as a mentor in my life.

  • Marilyn Broomer says:

    Very Inspiring ,

    I didn’t knpw Jim Brown, but I did know Zig Zigler, I purchased his programs, and he was such a sincere business owner.
    I was a small business – things happened in my life that pushed me away from the internet which I tried to suceed at. My life has changed again with a sick husband….

    • Charlie Page says:

      Sorry to hear about your husband. Zig’s work is classic and really helps in almost all situations, not just selling. We will be praying for you.

  • Godwin says:

    Yea Charlie, quite sure that small businesses begins with a dream, and a burning desire to fulfill that dream.

    I also want to add that starting small does not limit one to remain small. A small business can quickly rise above the horizon if the undertaker is willing to put in the effort, enlarge his dream, and also pay the price for greatness.

    Thanks Charlie for the article, it was both encouraging and motivating.

    • Charlie Page says:

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you but sometimes small can be beautiful. It’s entirely possible to run a “small” but hugely profitable business working alone and have a very high profit margin.

  • Thanks Charlie, the reminders you send out do help with the motivation.

  • Anton says:

    This is so true and it can take a long time until you are ready because with all the overload on the net you have to source out what is the best for you to follow. Until you are ready you will go around and around like in circles without a clue what to do nobody will help you they only offer you more stuff that works apparently better than the stuff you have already bought.
    But suddenly you have your aha-moment and start to realize what you are going to do and start it and try every moment you have a spare time to dedicate your time on that one thing until you start moving forward and start having slowly some success.
    But unfortunately not every one is like Zig with a long time dream most people give up before they even start to have some success. A business is not easy and I speak for online and off line businesses they all have the same in common – it is a process that have to mature and have to build roots until you can see the fruits.


    • Charlie Page says:

      I agree completely. Focusing on one thing until you get good at it is a very good strategy. That’s why I always emphasize that people should follow a proven path, not try to reinvent the wheel. And it does take time, online or offline, for our efforts to take root.

      Probably the #1 problem online is that so many unethical marketers push instant success programs.

      Good comments … thanks!

  • Thanks Charlie for this great article and inspiration!

  • Greg robinson says:

    Thanks charlie! Needed to hear it.

  • Hetty Frederik says:

    Hi Charlie,

    We have one thing in common Charlie. We both like to write. Your stories are packed with wisdom. Mine are fragments of past experiences. I am now writing a novella based on an adventurous episode that had plonked me abroad for more than a decade.

  • earl says:

    Hi Charlie,
    I have a blog and website, but don’t know how to monetize them or promote to get traffic to my sites. As with most people it’s a matter of limited finances.

    • Charlie Page says:

      That describes far too many people. This is exactly why I created Common Sense Blog Blueprint! Any blog can be monetized with the right adjustments in my experience.

      I don’t agree that limited finances are the major challenge. Although I have not been there for a long time, I was there in a big way. Buying a membership to the Directory of Ezines was literally sacrificial, and that was less than $50.

      Blogging is the perfect platform for a lower budget. But before you can succeed with blogging you need a proven path, a blueprint for success in the field you have chosen.

      I hope you stay with it.

  • Hakeem says:

    So that was how Jimmy Brown started!? I oncee saw some of his YouTube videos…awesomely powerful. And waoh, his story is describing me; but my own passion is to turn the work I’m doing now into an online consulting business. How? I have been on the internet for almost 6 years now learning, so to speak, and have gone over the ‘works’ of so many online gurus…I am getring closer. Yes, I am!

    • Charlie Page says:

      Jimmy is an incredible individual and friend. So inspiring and a man of ethics. I suggest learning from him, and those like him, as you are doing.

      I believe you are getting closer too! Keep with it and time will be your ally.

  • Garfield says:

    Thanks for the information charlie I look forward to working with you….im eager to succeed for my family. Thanks in advance for all your help in advance because I will be one of your biggest success stories. Never made a dime online tried many times but I know im filled with greatness and I have the drive and motivation

  • david says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Thank you very much. I do believe this is true. It would be so wonderful if people would realize it is to their benefit to support small business. Those big companies make a lot of money. Why not spend a little extra and support small business.

    Small business will give back more to local communities.

  • Colleen says:

    encouraging! thanks Charlie!

  • Rebecca Hadley says:

    Thank you Charlie for a great article. Every day I try to learn something new. Have a good Monday and God bless you.

  • Alex Newell says:

    Very Inspiring Charlie!

    I am a small business
    I am following my dream
    I am succeeding by failing my way forward…



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