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What Is Your ONE Thing?

When Victor Serebriakoff was a boy he was told by a teacher that he was a dunce, a dummy.

This teacher told Victor to find a job doing manual labor because hard work at menial jobs was the best he could ever expect.

Believing this to be true Victor set out on his life of hard but honest manual labor jobs.

Some years later Victor joined the Army. For some unknown reason they gave Victor a series of physical and mental tests.

Including an IQ test.

It was then that Victor Serebriakoff discovered ONE thing that would change his life forever.

The one thing Victor discovered is that he had an IQ of 161.

He was in fact a genius, not a dunce.

This was a major turning point. He began to think of himself as a genius, not a dunce.

How did discovering this one thing change his life?

  • He went from manual labor to being the head of the Mensa Society, a group that requires an IQ of 130 to join.
  • He published over 20 books.
  • He developed and updated IQ tests, many of which are in use today.

Suffice to say that when Victor discovered his ONE thing his life changed forever.

Big question …

What is YOUR one thing?

In my life there have been many turning points. Too many to recall here. So many people have been there over the years to help me that I’d be hard-pressed to count them all.

But I can clearly remember my one big thing from a business perspective.

In 2006 I entered six messages into an email follow up system and my life changed forever.

  • Sales began to happen automatically.
  • People responded to my emails with questions.
  • I no longer had to worry about where or when to advertise.

I had discovered the power of automated email marketing, of using the Internet to make sales 24 hours a day whether I was working or not.

And that discovery set me free.

It would be some time before my freedom would be fully realized but come it did.

Little did I know on that spring day in 2006 I would be starting down a path this wonderful.

I truly love what I do and love learning even more about automated email marketing.

In the years since I have written many books and created eight membership sites.

All of them have been launched and promoted successfully using automated follow up email marketing.

Back to the big question … what is YOUR one thing?

I hope you have one. I hope you have a passion that can become your business.

If you do you will experience a joy previously unknown.

I believe finding your one thing matters for the following reasons …

It increases focus which leads to accomplishment

One of the main causes of failure online today is jumping around from one business to another.

It’s all too easy to do.

  • The business you are in is not working well yet.
  • You get an email making this new thing so sound wonderful and easy.
  • So you make the jump, keeping the old business but “trying” the new one to see if it’s any better.

And so the cycle begins again.

The reason this is so devastating (no judgements, I’ve been there too) is that you never really give yourself a chance to succeed.

Think about it this way. Let’s say the greatest burger joint in the world opened at the corner of Main and First streets in your town.

Things are looking up. The owner of the new business is excited to be in your town.

Then two weeks later he moves the business to another location.

And two weeks later he moves again. And then again.

Will he succeed? Can he possibly succeed?

Not likely.

In a similar way, people today stay with a business they join for only six to eight weeks and then jump to another.

Would success have been theirs if they stayed?

No one can answer that.

But this much we know …

No one can succeed online by changing direction every three months or less.

It simply can’t be done.

Your one thing will establish you as an expert

If the word expert is too strong then use authority. When you have a passion for a subject, or a method of marketing, you will naturally become an authority.


Because it’s in your blood. It’s in your mind all the time. You are naturally drawn to information and experts who talk about that topic.

And information and resources about that topic will be attracted to you as well.

The good news is this — the more you learn the more you will be able to earn.


Because the more you know the more you can share. And sharing what we know is how the entire process of making money online starts for most people who succeed.

Your one thing will help you make money online faster

When you gain deep knowledge about a topic you will want to share what you know.

  • You have some knowledge.
  • You’ve done research.
  • You have a list of places to find more information.
  • You’ve separated the “wheat from the chaff” and know what sites offer great information and which are a waste of time.

Now it’s time to share!

This is THE essence of making money online.

When you share from your knowledge, and from the knowledge you have gathered, you become an authority.

This is important because …

Having an authority blog is the surest way to make money online.

When you have a blog that is an authority (notice I did not say THE authority) you can do all sorts of money-making activities.

  • You can build a list
  • You can meet the needs of the people on that list
  • You can offer products to that list
  • You can advertise products on the site
  • You can work with others in your niche to do even more
  • You can create products in that niche
  • And more

There is SO much knowledge in your head right now. There is SO much passion in your soul right now.

Much like oil, the key is to bring that knowledge and passion to the surface, refine it, bring it to the market and let it make your living for you.

It adds joy and meaning to your life

I grew up hearing people say “when you do what you love your work will seem like play”.

I never believed it.

Until 2006.

When I found my one thing, and began making my living doing and teaching that one thing, my work did literally become a joy.

Don’t get me wrong, I still work plenty hard. Harder than if I had a job.

But I’m doing it because I love my work. I am building a business that will stand the test of time. A business that can be passed on. A business that has real value.

And those things are MUCH more important than just making money.

I truly believe you can do all of these things too.

Let me encourage you to identify your one thing if you have not already.

When you do please leave a comment below letting your fellow readers know about your passion.

When you find your one thing, and when that one thing becomes your work, you will have found a beautiful thing indeed!


By Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

27 replies on “What Is Your ONE Thing?”

Dear Charlie,
My biggest ability and my huge passion is my ability to “look at things in a new and different way.” I focus on doing that in the area of relationships and also in my Christian faith. I’ve also done it for years in the area of comedy, where I wrote for “The Monkees” TV show (which won the Emmy Award). I also wrote 19 scripts for “Love American Style.”

I have developed some posts for a new blog on relationships which I hope to have up in January, and I just finished writing an ebook, titled, “WIN NEW FRIENDS using THIS AMAZING SECRET” I am setting up a new website for my relationship work, at

For an example of how I use my ability to look at things differently in my Christian faith, see my book, “Does GOD Ever Speak through CATS?” (Available at Amazon for Print and Kindle for ebook.)

Thanks for all your good help and counsel, Charlie! I would appreciate any good advice you could give me! My blog and book put me in the area of Content Marketing.

David Evans

Charlie Page is a Genius in my opinion. He is always educating and putting Internet Marketing in Perspective for us. He continues to gives of himself and his Knowledge & Experience without anything in return. He deserves to be highly praised for the Value he continually brings to the table for our Benefit. Thanks Charlie for all the help you provide folks that are broke and struggling. You are a real deal Internet Guru hands down! Continued Success to you Charlie and your Family. You are one of the truly Deserving Giants in our Industry!

I found my one thing around 2011. It was marketing funnel creation, systems, and information marketing. lol that sounds like three things, but really it is just one. I really learned how to create a marketing funnel, and thing began to happen for me.

Matter of fact the very 1st rinky dink marketing funnel I ever created, my very 1st optin bought my little $5 product. I was so pumped because that was my product, and someone though it was good enough to buy!
I’ll never forget that.
Loved this post Mr. Page. God Bless You

As a lifetime member Charlie, I learned from you to go all the way, I know I am blessed and I have done my due diligence,thank you in Jesus name fore your staying with it Andrew.

I can understand Victor, we are truly influenced by the teachers and adults in our life when we are children. I had been told some things that influenced me for a long time. Later, I also discovered that those limited viewpoints of some misguided people were completely incorrect. We should be very careful about what we say and the words we use around children.

[…] But I can clearly remember my one big thing from a business perspective. In 2006 I … Much like oil, the key is to bring that knowledge and passion to the surface, refine it, bring it to the market and let it make your living for you.  […]

I’ve tried the shinny syndrome idea and that was useless which you already know. I’ve tried to do things too fast and ended up with information overload and that’s a real bummer. This article has really helped me to slow down my mind and restart at a slower pace with a one step at a time approach and deliver what I know will help people.
Thank You Mr. Page

My one thing to this point was learning how to organize the chaos of ideas and knowledge in my mind into actionable projects and actionable steps, then turning off my thoughts and taking action on each little step, one at a time, until I was done. Only then did I start making money. And switching to weekly direct deposits from Clickbank a few months ago was an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

I am so Amaze of this kind of page.. and i like to know more about this kind of job.. and i promise that im very interested for this.. but my problems is.. i dont have any credit card.. its hard for my country to get that.. im in a philipppines im a 21 years old & im a 1st year college student.. thats why.. i want this Job to provide of my financial about my Studies. Thank You Mr. Charles pls help me to guide about this to earn of what i want.

Hi Charlie,

I really enjoy reading your emails and articles, I love the way you write.

I recently purchased your Freedom Method with the Follow up Selling System and DOE Membership, and I am busy with the training videos. Now I have decided to change the way I do everything in my business. I always wondered if it could be possible to build an online business ethically without any hype and just pure honesty, now I know it is possible thanks to you.

This was indeed the best investment I have ever made in any online training program.

Thank you so much.

I have a passion to create beautiful interiors for the life changing enjoyment of my clients. I am amazed at how solutions come to me to thrill customers. This is so rewarding to me and yes, the money is nice too. I have been successfully working at this offline for 28 years. Taking that knowledge online is my new passion and frustration. I love all of it, though. Without passion for my work, I would quit. You are exactly right, Charlie. Joan

I find your material so clear and insightful Charlie and of immense value in helping me find a way through the “Maze”. As yet I have not established what my passion is but your article will spur me down that path of understanding.
My sincere thanks

Charlie thank you for all your articles that you share with us they are all very educational.
Thanks for all your time and effort.

Totally enjoyed the great information. I can tell you that is exactly what I have been doing just that. I finally got smart a few weeks ago and now I do now see some positive responses.
Just Love all that you put out charlie and it is helping me immensely, I just might make a dollar or two.
Wonderful Job Charlie:
Don Parker

You’re great Charlie.
Everyone’d like to find his/her one thing, some stumble onto it, others work to find it. The ultimate goal is to find it since that assures results.

Thank you for your kind words. I believe that one thing in business is out there for everyone!

This post Charlie is so timely for me. I recently won a coaching session and a free website. Now I have been a beta tester for Windows 1 and the first ever version of IE for MS. I found a skill I had that was one I knew I always wanted – to be a teacher and coach. I continued with this until I had to stop working 8 years ago. I am now back and needed the coaching session to stop the shiny thing syndrome that is costing me money I don’t have. The coach was getting frustrated, I could hear it. Yes, so you have all these awards, you have won real proof you are a good coach but where is the fire, where is the fight, passion, I am not hearing it she said from the other side of the world. Come on, forget all of this, what do you love doing more than anything else – what are you really passionate about and do better than anything else. Well it hit me – cooking. The fireworks started in my head and I realised that I have been cooking all my life and I am known as a fantastic cook. So I am writing a book about the passion in my life – everyday French Farmhouse Cooking. I went downstairs and asked my husband what my passion was and he said the same thing. Without that coaching I would never have found this out. I am happy in my work at last. We are also self sufficient in vegetables so I never know what I will find to cook when I go out of my office. Tonight my husband has presented me with just cut courgettes/zuchinni and French beans. There may even be a head of broccoli. Add to that the duck sausage he brought home and we have a fantastic meal. Yes, cooking is my passion, it is never a bore. Thank you once again for being on the ball.

I love hearing your story! It’s always amazing to me how “big doors swing on little hinges” as Clement Stone used to say. That one coaching session truly changed your course and now it is clear you are at full steam.

Congratulations! Let me know when your book comes out. I would be honored to buy a copy.


Greetings Charlie and thank you again for another great read. Hmmm…If I may, wouldn’t Victor have been head of the “Mensa” society, as opposed to the “Mesa” society? hehe…my spell checker just kicked in. Regards, Michael.


Nice essay. Thanks.

I guess I have two “one things.”

First, I’m curious, attentive to detail, near obsessive in getting things right, and glad to do the homework to allow computers to automate tedious but valuable processes. I call this “doing what’s needful.”

Second, I learned that my ability to appreciate the points of view of the Engineering and Sales departments simultaneously is not shared by many people. I thought that anyone and everyone could bridge the divide between logical and emotive thinking. Apparently that is rare, for I’ve made a lot of money from that talent.

However, these are abstractions. To be compensated for them requires selecting some problem, hooking into it, delivering value and getting paid. Easier said than done.


I find that almost all worthwhile projects are easier said than done. But the doing is the fun! You are right in my view – the ability to straddle, or hover above, both of these worlds is a rare talent. We all have both left and right brain strength but few have developed both as well as it sounds like you have done.

Great feedback – thank you so much for sharing.


I am afraid I cannot seem to find my one thing and feel like a fraud if I try to make money on the back of something I know little about. I have some knowledge and interest in certain fields but feel stagnation will set in and building something with continuity and some financial rewards is beyond me.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Choose something and begin learning about it today. One thing is certain, time will pass whether you focus or not.

Remember, you don’t have to be THE expert to succeed in most fields.


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