It’s Time To Give Thanks!


It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S. This the day we set aside to be grateful for what we have. Today I am grateful for many things … My  faith My family My health My business My customers Yes, I am grateful for you. Whether you read my blog, buy my products, or do both, I…

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The Power of Optimize Press

Optimize Press

For several years now I have been using one WordPress theme more than any other. That theme is Optimize Press. I love using Optimize Press! In fact, I have trained my entire staff on how to use it. OP has become our “go to” theme for almost all the things we do. Here is what we…

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Six Keys To Succeeding Online

Six Keys To Succeeding Online by Charlie Page

Of all the questions I am asked there is one that stands out above the rest. That question is … What are the real keys to succeeding online? That’s a good question, and one that deserves an honest answer. Before I share my answer, let me share this. I truly believe that anyone, anywhere, can…

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Last chance for private consulting

Personal consulting with Charlie Page

Sometimes buying a course, reading a book or attending a webinar is enough. The lesson is clear. We learn. We take action. We achieve. But there are times for all of us where we need more. We need individual attention. Answers to our questions. I was like that when I started online almost 13 years…

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Instant Content Ideas

Happy Groundhog Day by Charlie Page

When it comes to content marketing, a question I’m often asked is “where can I come up with good ideas?” It’s an important question. I think everyone who creates anything has had the experience of staring at a blank screen, knowing they need to create but not able to get started. One of the easiest…

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Curating David Ogilvy


David Ogilvy was the greatest advertising man to ever live. He started his work life as a chef. Afterwards,  he sold stoves door to door. Then he moved to New York, at age 38, and founded what would become one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, Ogilvy & Mather. I believe there are lessons to…

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How To Sell Without Selling

How To Sell Without Selling by Charlie Page

Over the years I’ve had many a member worry that they were not good enough “salesmen” or “saleswomen” to make money online. It’s an understandable thought, but the truth is different. While there is absolutely an art to persuasion, in most cases being a Zig Ziglar level salesman is not necessary to make money online.…

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What Is Your Big Idea?

What is your big idea by Charlie Page

Information overload is the #1 complaint among Internet users in survey after survey. That is understandable, there is so much information out there that it can be confusing and even overwhelming. But this is not a new problem by any means. Consider this … In the 3rd century BC there were routine complaints about too…

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It’s Time For Your 4th Quarter Comeback!

It's Time For Your 4th Quarter Comeback by Charlie Page

While researching some statistics for a football site I own recently, I discovered something very interesting. A study of top NFL quarterbacks revealed recently that just under 74% of their games (306 out of 416 games) were won with 4th quarter comebacks. The 4th quarter of the year is as important in your online business…

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What Is Your Message?

What Is Your Message by Charlie Page

The other day I took a drive that was longer than usual. Being a big believer in “automobile university” I usually listen to my Zig Ziglar CDs, or some other teaching while in the car. This day I wanted something different. So I used the “seek” button on my radio for the first time in…

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Six Reasons To Build Your List

Six Reasons to Build Your List by Charlie Page

When it comes to selling things online, whether that is a product that pays you a profit, or an idea you want to spread, nothing is more powerful than having a list of your own. But many today feel they can’t build their list, or don’t know why they would want to do that. So…

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Promote Many Products From One Blog

Promote Many Products From One Blog by Charlie Page

Recently I posted an article entitled “How Many Sites Do I Need?” It was encouraging to see that readers found it helpful. A reader named Darrel asked this. “With many offers at one site people can be confused. Maybe you could address that thought in another blog post?” It’s a great question actually. How do…

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