List Building Jet Fuel

List Building Jet Fuel by Charlie Page

When it comes to making money online there are few things that matter more than building your list. I asked a major marketer, and New York Times bestselling author, what he would do differently if he were starting over today. His immediate answer was “I would focus on building my list sooner.” Good advice. While […]

Practice Makes Perfect

We have all heard the saying that “practice makes perfect”. We see examples of that principle working in other people’s lives. Many of us marvel at the talent of a LeBron James or Michael Jordan. They fly through the air and dominate their opposition with what looks like the greatest of ease. We watch as […]

Practice Makes Perfect by Charlie Page

The Joy of Checklists

The Joy of Checklists by Charlie Page

I love things that make the work go easier, don’t you? In this super-busy age (the era of multitasking) we can all appreciate things that make our work go faster, get done better and help avoid mistakes. This is one reason I love checklists. I’m “checklist crazy” in fact. And for good reasons. A well-crafted […]