The Victory Garden In Your Mind

by Artist: MorleySize: 27"x19"Publication: [Washington, D.C.] Agriculture Department. War Food Administration.Printer: U.S. Government Printing Office

In World Wars I and II there were victory gardens. Victory gardens were planted by people to provide for themselves, to help their government reduce costs in time of war and to aid the common good. If these sound like lofty goals, they were. People were rallying around a good cause. The lines of good and […]

Increase Conversions in Three Easy Steps

Increase conversions in three simple steps by Charlie Page

What if there was a way to make more money with less effort? To really impact the bottom line without worrying about more traffic, buying more advertising or just generally needing “more”? The good news – there is a way to do all that, and more, by focusing on increasing conversions. First, a short definition […]

Common Sense Article Marketing Is Open!

Today I am very excited to announce that my newest site is open now!  For many years, over a decade actually, I have made a living by creating products that solve problems for real people. My newest site is no exception.  I have created Common Sense Article Marketing to solve two challenges many people face when it […]