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Ten minutes with Charlie gave me more useful information than hours of digging on my part would have got me. I endorse him heartily and with gratitude.

Srikumar S. Rao, The Rao Institute

I’ve learned more in 20 minutes than I have in the last 5 years! The examples and explanation of each lead magnet is exactly what I need right now. For me, the transcript provided is worth its weight in gold. Well done!

Poppie Kouremetis

Courses From Charlie Page

Directory of Ezines

Need to get traffic but don't have a list of your own? No problem! Since 1997 the Directory of Ezines (DOE) has been helping members connect with ezine publishers who have huge lists and will send offers for our members. Highly targeted and cost-effective ... your traffic solution starts with the DOE.

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Follow Up Selling Systems

This is the system I use to create time freedom. Automated email marketing will help you sell more in any market, make your readers happy and create free time too. If you want to wake up to new order notices every morning, you want my exclusive F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Marketing Method.

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Common Sense Academy

Knowing what you should do and being able to do it yourself are two different things. To get the job done you need a specific type of help. "Over the shoulder" videos that show you how. Checklists to make it easy and help you avoid wasting time. All this and more is inside CSA.

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Common Sense List Building

Having a mailing list of your own is pure marketing power. With a list you never have to pay for advertising again. With a list you can do joint ventures because you own the list. With a list you can promote any product you want, anytime you want, as many times as you want, all at no cost to you. Whether you have a list and need to grow it or have no list and need to get started, Common Sense List Building will give you the real world steps you need. And I'll be there to help as well.

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The Roadmap Webinar

Are you suffering from information overload? Most people are. I know I did. That is why you need a Roadmap. A plan of action tailored to YOUR needs, your budget and your time available. My Roadmap Webinar will help you make that plan of action, and stick to it, until you reach and exceed your goals!

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Books by Charlie Page

BIG PROFITS from a small list

Everyone says "the money is in the list". But what do you do if you have a list of 100 people. Or 500 people? Or 20? There is hope, and a step-by-step plan that will help you profit from any list you have now, and build your list faster and better than ever.

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