Thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate your time.

I created this page for those who want to know a little more about me and my journey.

I have worked online full-time since the year 2000.

That's before Wordpress was invented!

As you can imagine, much has changed since those days!

In those years, it's been my privilege to serve over 28,000 paying clients and to have met one-on-one with over 4000 members.

I love to write and have written 15 books, including the Amazon bestseller Big Profits From a Small List.

In addition, I have created over 60 digital products.

My mission is to help those who want to succeed online go from where they are now to where they want to be as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.



I was born in New Orleans and am a true ragin’ cajun. My family moved to Lake Charles Louisiana when I was 9 years old.

It was in Lake Charles that I met and married the love of my life.

In high school, I did well in track and field, coming in second in the state for running the mile.

I also caddied for my Dad most weekends and soon realized I had a passion for the game of golf. Still do!

Even though I'd call myself an introvert, I love people and love knowing what makes us tick.

The picture on my right is me with my sister and nephew around the time I was a newlywed.


My first paying job was selling cable television services door to door during high school.

Soon after high school, I started working a straight commission job in the office equipment field.

It was then that I met a mentor who would change my life.

John (my first sales manager) would keep me at the office every night until about 9 pm, teaching me how to sell.

We practiced my presentation, role-played sales calls, and he gave me every objection in the book (and then some!)

It was boot camp for selling. And it was brutal. The other sales reps (all older than me) thought I was crazy to put up with working that hard.

But it worked!

In only a few months I became the #1 salesperson in the office, then in the state, then the region, and, eventually, the company.

In fact, when I was sent to the mandatory company training, they videotaped my presentation and used it in company-wide training for new salespeople!

Not too bad considering I was 19 years old!

I will forever be grateful to the man who worked me so hard that he made me into the best salesman I could be.


We fast forward to 1999 and a major turning point.

By this time, our family was in desperate straights.

I had been diagnosed with COPD, had to close my direct mail business due to government regulations, and simply could not physically work a job.

So I turned to the Internet.

Bear in mind that this was in the time of Netscape Navigator, FrontPage, and dial-up modems.

Because I knew how to sell in person and on paper, I decided to sell copywriting services.

I knew I needed visitors to my site and so would need to get the word out.

The problem was, we were broke. I mean, really broke. Buying ads, even for $10, was out of the question.

It was then I heard about this thing called the Directory of Ezines.

The DOE listed online newsletters (ezines) that sold advertising, accepted article submissions, and did joint ventures.

By the way, that's still what we do at the DOE!

I mustered up the annual membership fee of $39 and became a member.

But there was one problem … he did not have any money (as in zero) for buying ads.

So I used the DOE to the fullest by contacting publishers and offering to write articles for them.

I offered publishers a custom article (written only for them) under one condition; that they would include a link to reach me by email to inquire about my services.

Day after day I logged into the DOE, developing contacts and relationships with publishers. Meeting needs where I could.

And it worked!

In a little less than 18 months I went from being a member of the DOE to owning the company!

Purchasing the DOE from the founder enabled her to fulfill her dream of retiring and me to fulfill my dream of having a high-quality product to sell.

And having a list of buyers!

Today I still use the same methods in my own business and for agency clients as well.


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Personal Life

I married the love of my life when I was 19 and she was 17. We have been married for almost 50 years now and have two wonderful daughters. We live in College Station, Texas.



Digital Courses

MASTER the digital marketing skills you need to succeed! My courses are tightly focused on helping you learn and use one skill to build your online empire.

Group Coaching

Need to learn a digital marketing method QUICKLY? Invest between 1 and 2 hours and be able to take action the same day!

Turnkey Membership Funnels

Your own membership site, including content and a complete marketing system, in under 24 hours! Brilliant!!

Digital Courses

I love the process of marketing. Everything to do with writing copy, driving traffic, creating products, and increasing conversions get my interest.

Because of this, I learn a lot, do a lot, test everything, and teach a lot!

My teaching process is what I calls the LDT method.

First, I LEARN how to do a thing.

Then I DO what I learned to prove the concept.

Only then do I TEACH what I have proven will work.

Inside my digital courses, you will find experience-based teaching that helps you grasp a concept quickly and put it into practice in your own business almost instantly.

My digital courses are longer than my Group Coachings and usually contain 7 or more lessons.

If you want to master a type of marketing, a Digital Course is the right choice for you.

Group Coaching

In 2018 our customers asked me to create shorter teachings that contained the step-by-step process they needed to succeed online.

While this might sound simple, I knew that doing it well would present a challenge. Making complicated things easy to learn is always hard work.

So I rolled up his sleeves, created a powerful SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for teaching them, and went to work.

As of this writing, I have taught 26 of these Group Coaching courses.

Shorter than a full digital course, you can complete a Group Coaching in one sitting (usually under two hours) and take action the same day.

If you love to get the most for your money, inquire about my Group Coaching Club where you get instant access to all of the Group Coachings now and access to each new one as it is released.

Turnkey Membership Funnels:

I believe in membership sites for one very good reason … it was a membership site (the DOE) that changed my life!

Because I know what it is like to BE a member, I remains committed to the highest standards in what we deliver to members.

While delivering excellence is good, I wanted to do more.

So I invented an entirely new business model, the Turnkey Membership Funnel.

With TKMF, you get to sell my teaching as your own and keep 100% of the sale price.

You build your list. You build your audience. You keep all the money.

I even re-record my teachings (without my name appearing anywhere) so this is truly white label for you.

Use the button below to see the selection of niches available today.

Private Coaching and Consulting:

I love helping people so I started a paid coaching and consulting practice a few years ago.

And like many things, I approach this from a unique perspective.

Rather than charging tens of thousands per hour, demanding long contracts, or requiring a cut of the profits, I only consult when I knows I can make a difference.

Best of all, I do not require a percentage of sales once the consulting is done.

I find it odd but it's true that I am often criticized by my peers for these practices. But I know I am doing what God told me to do, and that’s enough for me.

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