Traveled all over the World on the sales that have been generated from Charlie's copy-writing

I retired in the year 1996. When I started my Internet business in 2000, Charlie wrote much of my Website content and all of my sales letters. The business was a success from day one and much of Charlie's early content is still making sales today.

My wife and I have traveled all over the World on the sales that have been generated from Charlie's copy-writing and much of our fantastic retirement can be traced to his help over many years.

Currently, I'm using his affiliate training and content to broaden my product base and I'm confident that we will be successful in this competitive market.

Bill Gaw

Extremely valuable suggestions and quality actionable advice

I have been a member of the DOE (Directory of Exceptional Value) for many years.

I initially joined because I wanted to drive traffic to my very first teleseminar, which was very successful with 600+ attendees due to the e-zines I chose from the DOE!

I have kept up with Charlie’s quality content over the years, so I recently decided to bring him in as an adviser to consult me on my first webinar launch.

By focusing solely on higher conversions, Charlie reviewed the presentation slide by slide, gave extremely valuable suggestions and quality actionable advice as well as patiently answered all my endless questions. He pointed out all the mistakes I didn’t see because I spent too much time looking at my own work.

Charlie is extremely generous and knows his sales and marketing! I am grateful I brought Charlie into my business. I look forward to implementing his great strategies and working with him on my projects.

Charlie, thank you for providing so much value to the online community… I appreciate you!

Mirna Bard

One of the crucial “fault lines” between success and failure is finding a great advisor and coach. My Go-To mentor is Charlie Page. His counsel has always been dead on and highly effective.

Charlie has a knack for turning complex and confusing problems into simple, common sense solutions. No matter where you are…Wannabe, Newbie or Successful Pro, Charlie has been there and can help you achieve your dreams. And no matter what your roadblock…technical, tactical, strategic or at the vision level…Charlie Page will help you bust through those roadblocks and move forward to higher ground.

Traffic. Marketing. Sales. Automation. Copywriting. Tools. Vision. Charlie has helped me in so many areas of business, for which I’m eternally grateful. And I know he can help anyone who’s willing to put in the work.

Charlie Page is my mentor – my secret weapon. And I highly recommend him to anyone who aspires to a higher level of online success.

To Higher Success,

Gordon Appleby | The Entrepreneur

Gordon Appleby

Astonishing quality of support

Lifetime membership to the DOE was one of the earliest big products I bought online, must be 10+ years ago! And in the times I've asked Charlie for help he has astonished me with the quality of support he provided to me. And I've only scratched the surface of DOE.

I've spent thousands on big name guru products, and have been very disappointed ... even if you can only invest in a couple of things this year, Charlie Page and the famous DOE is one of the best decisions you can make.

After a decade I am thrilled to see it really is a genuine "Lifetime" product and service that doesn't disappear into hyperspace after a few months like most of the SNO I have bought over the years... it is here to stay!

Helene Malmsio

I am now better focused... Thanks to you!

Hi Charlie, I too was a victim of information overload and being distracted. It's so easy, especially the "shiny new objects" to distract you.

Now that I am a member of CharliePage.com, with the value you provide... so much value (products and services) which is a good thing! :-)

I am now better focused... Thanks to you!

My simple goal is to master the art of email marketing; to build my list, to build relationship with others, and to provide value to help new or seasoned marketers succeed in their business.

God Bless,

Robert Williams

Like so many people, I struggle to work all day, build a business all night, and still manage to live my life. It can be tough. The time constraints alone are hard to manage. Then there's so much to learn and it can be overwhelming. I bought the guru courses. I listened to the webinars, read the ebooks and watched the dvd's. And I learned a lot. But I always come back to Charlie Page. It's easy to get caught up in the cloud of hype and jargon and mega-hope when the gurus are talking. I come back to Charlie because he can explain to me what they were saying, in plain, simple common sense language. It can be easy to take Charlie for granted because he is there and steadfast and no frill. He's also been quietly building and growing his online business for 15 years. In an industry where people are on top today and gone tomorrow, that is no small feat. And Charlie has made his way by helping others. He has much to be proud of and yet he is unassuming. No photos of Porches and swimming pools and private jets. No hype. I always recommend Charlie Page and his courses to newbies because he can cut right through, explain things so simply and I know if anyone can help them get going online, it would be Charlie. His Common Sense courses could not be more appropriately named. If you are new online or struggling online or ready to go to the next level online, Charlie Page can help you. Did I say I love Charlie Page?

Patt Timlin

Mr. Charlie Page is the real deal!

For anyone who happens to read this, Mr. Charlie Page is "the real deal".

I got into internet marketing late in life, selling my business coaching services. The learning curve has been rather steeply "uphill" and I have often been disappointed by online trainers and software, even the "famous" ones I paid thousands of dollars to learn from.

What I discovered is that, for the most part, they seem to be good sales people and not so good as teachers and trainers. The information they provided often had glaring holes I had to research on my own so I could proceed.

The most refreshing exception to this that I have found is - on all levels - Mr. Charlie Page.

Wow - his training is quite clear and on-point and his personal touch is genuine, kind and really effective.

So a big "THANK YOU" to Charlie Page along with two thumbs up.

Patrick Dague

Patrick Dague

You were able to help me not only through the free information that you so graciously share with everyone, but also through the different programs that you've put together. From planning your site to starting your first blog, through to how to get traffic and creating your list of customers. It has been a very enlightening experience to follow you not only personally but the programs that are helping me to succeed. Thank You Very Much for all your help John Antaya "Always Striving To Help Others"

John Antaya

Charlie Page delivers!

I have been on Charlie's list since 2009. I am also a member of the DOE and Common Sense Blogging.

With information overload and self-proclaimed Internet Marketing Gurus on the rise, Charlie Page delivers. Period. He is out to help and help he does.

I have been blessed, encouraged and motivated by Charlie's articles and advice and have learned so much since 2009. Charlie is the real deal and I would recommend him highly to those who are tired of the hype and scams. And that is a beautiful thing indeed.


Things have improved exceptionally!

Dear Charlie, I have been a member of Directory of Enzines for a few years. Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to it for a long time. It's just in the last months I seriously have been considering what you are offering. And I find it amazing!

As you know, I'm retired and have some spare time I want to use to try to do some business online. The information and service you give are excellent. One of the most important things you pinpoint is that there is no easy way to success, but not impossible, if I'm dedicated and accomplish what to do.

The information you give I find honest, practical and educating. The one hour consulting we had was very helpful. I found your advice concerning blogging very useful. You have also helped me with my blog appearance which has improved exceptionally.

I will recommend DOE to everybody who wants to try to do business online! Kind regards Kjell H Kjellevold

Kjell H Kjellevold

Charlie has proven to be honest, reputable and available. Thank you for a breath of fresh air in this industry and thank you for your integrity.

A. Merlin Frei


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