My Favorite Four Letter Word

I have a confession to make … I LOVE words! I love to use them. I love to write them. I love to learn new ones. I love that moment when you find just the right word to use. I especially love to find just the right combination of words that convey exactly what I […]

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Create a Circle of Influence

We meet many people in the course of our careers. Some we will get to know casually while others will become close friends and trusted allies. Then there are those I call ‘centers of influence.’ These ‘centers of influence’ people are like the hub of a giant wheel. As you look back, you can see […]

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The MOST Important Question Of All

When it comes to succeeding in business, or in life, there is ONE question that is more important than all others. This question can only be answered by you. No mentor, coach, or guru can answer this question for you. And while this question *should* be the easiest question to answer, most clients do not […]

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Sell more by modeling success

You can sell more, as an affiliate marketer or product owner, by modeling what already works! In this case study we examine how the Zig Ziglar company did just that. By modeling a successful campaign, the Ziglar company streamlined their marketing, saved time and money, and are increasing sales as well! If you want to […]

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